A year long discipleship program for young adults wanting to grow in their faith, with their heads, hearts, and hands.

What is ReaLiving?

ReaLiving is an 8 month immersive discipleship program where young adults will learn how to navigate the real world while also growing in their walk with the Lord.

This program will include hands-on ministry experience, Biblical courses, mentorship sessions, and to end the program we will be leaving for a short-term missions trip.


This program is to help you grow in your faith and capability to live for Christ in the real world. Through discipleship and mentoring sessions, we will help develop your walk with the Lord. 
You'll also be able to get proper knowledge of Christian fundamentals and understanding the Word through Biblical courses taught by the Pastors of Daystar. 
A Christian life isn't just head knowledge, it's also taking action with your faith. In this program you'll spend time serving and growing in different ministries in the church, along with helping in different places in the community. 
ReaLiving is meant to help you integrate a your developing faith journey into your everyday life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?

ReaLiving will cost $3500. This includes entrance into the 8 month program, and the missions trip at the end. There will be fundraising opportunities leading up the the start of the program to help raise money that will go towards the cost.
Payments deadlines:
August 26, 2024 – $1750
January 6, 2025 – $1750

when does realiving run?

ReaLiving will run from September 2024 – April 2025. The missions trip will be at the end of April 2025/beginning of May 2025. 

What are the commitement levels?

Everyone in the program will be expected to attend and participate in class time and ministry experience 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday. Times will run from 7:30am – 12pm.
Participants are also expected to attend and serve at Daystar church on Sundays.

who can join realiving?

We are opening ReaLiving for anyone finished high school up to 25 years old. Must be willing to file for a police check. 

What will a typical day look like?

A typical day will start at 7:30am with 30 minutes of prayer and worship.
8am – 10am will be class time, where there will be theological and biblical teaching from the Pastors of Daystar.
10am – 12pm will be ministry time, where participants will have hands-on experience to help serve in different areas of the church. Once a week we will help different areas in the community. 

when can I apply?

Applications are from January 2024 – August 23, 2024 


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